Dream Catcher by JoJoesArt Hooded Blanket

Our #1 selling *Limited Edition* Dream Catcher by JoJoesArt Hooded Blanket Hooded Blanket Is Back!!  

  • Super Soft Exterior. Amazingly Soft & Fluffy Sherpa interior. 
  • People Tell us this is literally the softest blanket they've ever had!
  • Perfect for a trip to the beach or cool summer night!
  • Large Size! 59"x78.7" & Youth 50"x 60".
  • Not Sold In Stores.

This hooded blanket is the Perfect gift because it can be used for so many things!  Use it for watching movies, as a cape, sleeping and snuggling with, a bathrobe, camping, etc... It's super soft and warm :) 

It's hard to put it into words about how freaking incredible these new blankets are... you'll understand once you touch and experience it for yourself! :)