Initial Charm Cremation Necklace

This comforting necklace for ashes is made of stainless steel which makes it durable and easy care. A small amount of ashes can be placed in the Always In My Heart Cremation Jewelry Pendant which can then be worn around your neck.

Many people find cremation jewelry to be comforting as it keeps the memories of a loved one nearby. The inner compartment is accessed from the top -- a threaded screw attached to the bail opens/closes. The bail must be sealed properly using the adhesive that is provided before it can be worn.  The adhesive instructions should be followed very carefully. We do not recommend wearing this piece while showering, swimming, exercising, or sleeping as this can increase exposure to moisture which can expedite the tarnishing process and degrade the adhesive that keeps ashes secure inside the pendant. 

Instructions for filling and sealing the pendant are included.